New Hot Line Thailand Dog Meat Trade

National police chief enforces the policy to end illegal dog meat trade, and announce “1599” as a hotline dedicated to dog meat trade activities
(June 19) – Pol. Gen. Chalermkiet Sriworakan announces that Pol. Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew, the Thai police chief is aware of the urgency and the impact of the illegal dog meat trade; thus, has appointed him to oversee and assure that the policy in regarding this issue is strictly enforced. The police is determined to end the illegal trade and will work closely with involving agencies i.e. Watchdog Thailand, a network of concerned citizens against dog meat trade, the Mekong River Patrol Boat Unit, a patrol unit of the Thai Royal Navy, and Surasak Force, a combat unit under the Thai Royal Army to put down the dog smuggling rings. The police will also be coordinating with the Department of Livestock Development for medical treatment and foster care of these canine victims. Watchdog Thailand will also help find permanent homes for these dog meat trade survivors.

The police will also consider to make use of the money laundering bill in dog meat trade offending cases, if suspects are found not to paid required export taxes. In this regards, the police will share the information with the Anti Money Laundering Office (AMLO).

Pol. Col. Paitoon Koonsraprohm, the deputy director of The Division of Consumer Protection Police, also adds that in the past the police has aggressively tried to prevent and stop the trade. On June 14, 2013 the police has agreed to integrate the central strategies that includes all the involving police agencies i.e. the Highway Police, The Water Police, The Division of Consumer Protection Police, and external agencies, such as the Department of Livestock Development and Watchdog Thailand. These agencies will work in unity under the laws that deals with dog meat trade i.e. the disease control bill, the slaughter house bill, and the food bill. As a result, the police will be able to enforce the laws from the capturing and the transportation of dogs, to the end products of dog meat.

As for donation, He urges that the public should consider donating directly to the involved government agencies as they have a clear mission on how to help canine victims. Also, if anyone would like to file a report in regards to the dog meat trade, they can do so by calling 1599 which is open 24/7.

Watch Dog Thailand short number

Watch Dog Thailand short number

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