Are you eager to help animals in Thailand and can dedicate a few hours or full time to help? Please check out the Volunteer opportunities below and subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Veterinarian – We can always use a  Veterinarian traveling to Pattaya, please contact us with information on time, length and your ability.
  • Translator – Spreading our message to as many as possible is important. Please contact us with information about your ability you do not have to be in Thailand.
  • Editor – Thailand Dog is always writing something and could always need a skilled editor, we write articles, books, how to do and reports to government, no need to be in Thailand.
  • Video Editor – Thailand dog upload videos daily and is in great need of a professional video editor.
  • Social Media Poster – Share,  like and help spread our message.
  • Fundraisers – Fundraiser locally and online for us. Check our Thailand Dog Fundraising for more information.

Please check these Facebook event pages for Thailand animal events an opportunity to volunteer. If you want to volunteer in Pattaya or the Sirasha shelter please take at look at these PAC events.

Please also help with donation and fundraising for our new Thailand shelter house, without the volunteer house we can not house volunteers and without money we can not build it. So we are stuck without volunteers that the dogs and cats so desperate need. Please help us to make a house for volunteers to stay. The dog shelter is outside the city in Sirasha, Thailand. When we had volunteers in the past they stayed in hotel and drove each day to the shelter but then you need a drive licens and a car.

Please be aware that we currently do not provide any insurance or any form of visa for you to volunteer whatsoever in Thailand. All expenses have to be paid by the volunteers. All the money raised goes towards the animals we help. For more information check our terms and privacy page or contact us.

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