Thai boy eat his dog

A teen boy who was so angry with a dog that bit him decided to kill the dog before grilling it, he then posted the pictures on the internet where people condemned his actions.

Net surfers had widely shared and condemned the cruel action of a teen boy who was bitten on his arm by a dog and then thrashed it, killing it before grilling it on the stove.

The pictures were posted on April 23rd in Nakhon Pathom on his Facebook. He had posted three pictures, first picture was the dog bite on his arm with the text “Dog Bite”, second picture was the dog that had been hit, with the text “It deserved to die” and the last is the dog on a stove with the text “Grilled already”. After he deleted two of the pictures leaving just the picture of his wound. Some of his friends had commented on the pictures.

However the animal lovers especially WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) were very angry with the brutal actions of the teenager and also condemned his actions. There were also many comments from net surfers who were also sickened by what he had done.


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