Alibaba stops listing dog skin gloves

After a number of petitions targeting  Alibaba listing dog skin,  Alibaba have now taken off the dog skin listings. People became aware after Soi Dog put a light on the problem in Business Week.

Original Petition

Alibaba is a market leader, and many of Alibaba’s customers worldwide are dog owners and consider dogs to be “man’s best friend”.   Being a market leader in your industry, Alibaba has an opportunity to align with its global direct and indirect customer base relative to the humane treatment of dogs. Alibaba can lead the pack, and others will follow.


Help Donate to the Cause to fight Dog Meat Trade in Thailand

Many suppliers mislead manufacturers, claiming that soft leathers are not derived from dogs or other animals inhumanely killed.  However, a  number of manufacturers have found upon inspection that leathers and other skin products are actually derived from the dog-meat trade. Given that there is little to no international regulation on the dog-meat trade, many companies such as Alibaba have no idea that their membership might be knowingly or unknowingly using items from the dog meat trade.

Most dogs are stolen and illegally trafficked across borders due to the fact that dogs are not considered livestock. In China a group of activist just freed hundreds dogs that were stolen by traffickers.


Dogs are kept in barbaric conditions, and are are clubbed to death before being boiled alive or worse are skinned alive.  Further, many of these dogs are ill do to the conditions in which they are kept. They are at risk to all sorts of diseases including rabies.

Without a strong supplier quality program, where Alibaba certifies its suppliers to show that Alibaba’s listed manufacturers are not using commodity by products from the dog meat trade, how can Alibaba know?  More importantly, how can Alibaba’s customers know that Alibaba is committed to the safe and humane treatment of animals?  The only way your global, dog-loving customers can know is if Alibaba supplier quality proves it.

Source Wikipedia
The USA banned the import, export and sale of products made from dog and cat fur in 2000.Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, Belgium and Australia ban the import of domestic cat and dog fur but the sale is still quasi-legal and novelty items made from feral cat fur can sometimes be found in remote areas. The European Union ban on imports took effect as of 1 January 2009 However, some products made with dog or cat fur may be mislabeled.

Can we count on your support?  Please sign this petition.

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