Traveling Veterinarian Fund

Sponsor a traveling veterinarian who can provide a range of services to rural communities and shelters. Vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries and general first aid are typical life saving services provided by a traveling veterinarian.


There are thousands of stray dogs currently in shelters in Thailand. Some shelters are run by local governments that operate on skeleton budget. Private shelters, run by individuals or families, rely on the kindness of strangers and goodwill of the community to care for animals. In either scenario, most shelter dogs are not vaccinated, neutered or spayed. Thailand Dog is dedicated to reducing unwanted litters of puppies. Thailand Dog will use your donation to sponsor travelling veterinarians who can administer vaccines, spay and neuter dogs on the street and in shelters. These services will be free for all shelters. The traveling veterinarians can also be called in when there is a need for extra staff. For example, if truckloads of dogs are seized from the dog meat traders or if there was a threat of pandemic in a particular shelter.

The funds will be used for

Medical Equipment.
Medical staff
Training Shelters personal


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