Pattaya Street Dog food Fund

200 dogs are starving in Pattaya and without your help they will die.
Please join our Pattaya dog food program and feed 500 dogs by donating a really small sum of money.


PAC – Pattaya Animal Coalition volunteers are at the present time feeding about 100 dogs on their daily rounds. We also get daily calls from other areas around Pattaya where dogs are starving.
While many dogs are being fed by residents, there are always other dogs that are too scared to come out in the open. Sadly, we often find them dead or sick.
Another volunteer group moved away from the Pattaya area and left 40 dogs with nobody else to feed them. They are used to being fed and therefore do not know how to scavenge for their own food. They need our help.
PAC is in desperate need of securing further food supplies for stray dogs around Pattaya so that we can concentrate on treating and sterilizing dogs instead of using all our resources trying to secure food donations.
Please give the dogs one bag of food each month it will feed a 100 dogs for 5 days.


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