Pattaya Emergency Animal Fund

Accidents and emergencies happen! Dogs and cats are subject to a range of hazards in the community. Cars and poisons as well as skin and blood disorders can wreak a lot of havoc on our four-legged friends. Please consider donating monthly to ThailandDog’s Emergency Fund.


Help us treat animals that need emergency treatment in the Pattaya area. There is no volunteer veterinarian clinic in Pattaya. Dog volunteers depend on ad hoc donations and the kindness of volunteer veterinarians. Everyday people from the public ask Thailand Dog to help them with dogs in distress. Requests range from saving stabbed dogs, dogs hit by car, old dogs, starving dogs and newborn puppies.

Support our shelter so that we can continue to help in these emergency situations.

In memory of One Ear from the Big Buddha Hill Pattaya.


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